Note Explanation of how HotEA that can make long-term profits

“Greetings For Anyone That Do Business in Forex Trading”
In the manual forex trading if you already have knowledge, experience, mindest management(psychology), controlling money management, patient and discipline it is the key to A Successful Forex Trader, because there is no perfect trading method. If you can not master it, you get a solution on our site.

So far the forex traders beginners always have the same question: “What is the best trading method(system) and never loss?”
If you still have questions like that and you really serious to cultivate forex as your main income, please forget for a moment. There is no system that can generate trade never loss.
But We have other ways that proved more effective that is using a full or semi-automatic trading system.

HotEAforex prioritizes the security of your capital for the creation of consistent profits

We introduce amazing tools to help busy traders to manage
trading accounts automatically and semi-automatically.

The determinants of successful trading are on money management and psychology, not on trading methods. By using our tools traders will more easily achieve that. HotEA is able to calculate trader risk well and added with analytical skills that provide movement information in the past. Traders are not psychologically affected while waiting for trade positions and trade executions.

HotEaForex provides Tools in the form of EA specialized in foreign exchange, with full sense of responsibility, Unlike other products, we will be responsible for the use of our EA. So that all members, both very ordinary and experienced in the world of trading can enjoy satisfactory results from the foreign exchange business.

Our tools are expert advisors and custom indicators that can be used on the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. In the future we will support the trading platforms of JForex, NinjaTrader, and CTrader.

We are working harder really looking for ways to make trading easier for everyone with a high level of success.

Team vision & Mision

  1. Become a Forex Trader group as a leading professional partner for members.
  2. Provide services and complete information as much as possible to the members through the cooperation program.
  3. Become a transparent and accountable partner.
  4. Helping all members who want to increase their income online easily and continuously throughout the year, with various strategies that can be generated from forex trading business.
  5. Provide trading facilities with convenient, safe and quality.

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Features & Functions HotEA

The key to success in using EAs is in the control of money management, and the margin level is one of the tools to control it, but if this level margin is made to below 100% or even 0% it will be useless, and cause your capital to run out without any left. Leverage also deals with margin levels.

But do not worry if the margin level/stop out on your broker is below 100%, HotEAforex has high security with your capital. we will not discuss about broker thoroughly here if you want to ask please contact us more details. Here are some features and functions of 3 types of HotEAForex

Money management

Serves to set open order, and set calculate the number min-max lot adjust your balance. Without a clear and planned MM, then the possibility of our capital reduced will be greater.

Risk management

Serves to set risk your balance. Example: balance $1000 Risk use money $10, means HotEA will trade for $ 10 and adjust the lot with money management. The risk of loss is more controlled.

Win/Loss ratio

The win/loss ratio is a ratio of the total number of winning trades to the number of losing trades. In HotEA Breakout EA use Risk reward 1:2 and HotEA3in1 probability of 50%-80%.

TP in percent & money

Serves to set takeprofit in the form of percent and money, the benchmark for HotEA as per MM. Broker does not know the location of takeprofit in the form of price.

SL in percent & money

Serves to set stoploss in the form of percent and money, the benchmark for HotEA as per MM. Broker does not know the location of stoploss in the form of price.

Lock profit stealth

Serves to set lock profit, HotEA will send modify order only when the price passes a certain level and the lock profit line does not appear on the chart.

Follow the trend

The trend function for the forex business plays a very important role, even become a major role in the effort to determine a decision. HoteaForex always see the long and medium trend.

Type of increase

Serves to set increase lot to maximaze profit. in increase lot we use linear, example: 0.01,0.02,0.03,0.04 etc. If don`t like linear increase lot you can use fixed lot or auto lot with MM.

Type of open order

HotEA splits into 3 parts ie type ea scalping, breakout and 3in1. to maximize profits can certainly use 3 ea’s, because 3 ea it works in different hours. but should always be on our team guide.

Upgrade strategy

A trading system of the four predecessors begins with SBNR, Bamsbung, FXTR, and Nagachika being developed and always looking for the best of EA errors and corrections. created HotEAforex 3in1.

Scalping strategy

By taking a small profit, that is much easier than chasing a profit of 1000 points in a single trade. HotEA creates 2 types of scalping type ea scalping singles and locking scalping. of course strategy is very different.

Breakout Strategy

A strategy that relies on price breaking of a key level as a trigger for entry. Here we take Asian and european sesion as a breakout point, in complete trend direction and reversal. HotEAbreak use 1 : 2 risk/reward.

And there are still many functions that are not mentioned, we always update following the latest market. HotEAforex range is the result of trading techniques consistent, scalable and secure in any market, using Money Management rigorous, without ignoring the profit. We do not promise a fantastic profit, but measured with a transparent and trustworthy cooperation. Serenity and security of your capital to be our priority.

HotEAforex is really helping us to get out of things that can drain emotions and time.

Video HOTEA in strategy tester

This EA single order with hidden TP and SL. Can work NFA-regulated US broker, which applies FIFO (First In First Out) rules for every trader’s transaction.

Reviews HotEA

Join now with HotEA features that can work up  the quality & ease of your trading!

  • Mode Trial
  • 30$per month
  • Limited Time 1 Month
  • 1 package Installer HotEA setup
  • Licensed 1 real account number
  • Only MT4 EA and Version 1, 2
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Not Monitoring Account
  • Excludes bonuses
  • 12/5 Support via email, WA, Remote
  • Mode Advance
  • 252$per year
  • Limited Time 1 Year
  • 1 package Installer HotEA setup
  • Licensed 2 real account number
  • MT4, MT5 and All version
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Monitoring Account
  • Included Bonus
  • 12/5 Support via email, WA, Remote
  • Mode Professional
  • xxx$Unlimeted use
  • Unlimited Time
  • 1 package Installer HotEA setup
  • Unlimited Licensed account number
  • MT4, MT5 and All version
  • Unlimited demo account
  • Monitoring Account
  • Included Bonus
  • 12/5 Support via email, WA, Remote

We are the only one who gives a 90-day money back guarantee if Product HotEA results in a loss of up to 100%. With the condition that only we configure HotEA.

What will happen once you buy:

You’ll receive instant download after payment complete. You get the following:

  • 1 Package installer HotEAforex product.
    !Hot-EA_forex_3in1_Single_ACC.(include breakout)
    Configuratian HotEA Set.
  • Special bonus :
    Karen foo Beginner’s Course To Becoming A Top Trader
    Master Forex Fundamentals by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg
    Beat The Market Maker Trading System
  • Full support to configuration our product via Teamviewer or Anydesk.

Technical details:

  • This Expert advisor works on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5
  •  Our product recomended use VPS.
  • This is a one-time payment, NOT a subscription.
  • Your license with 3 account number real and unlimited Demo account.
  • You can use Our EA on ANY instrument your Metatrader 4 offers: FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Indices, Futures, Stocks. It is recommended to contact us to configuration.
  • Please remember: Use our products appropriately. don’t be too greedy using big lots.P.S. Have questions,suggestions and critics ? Click the “Chat” black button on the bottom right corner of this page or email at [email protected] We’re here to help!

We have a very special bonus for those of you who are joining in HotEA

Are you a new trader or an experienced trader?
The following bonus is very suitable for all traders. Serves as adding insight into trading and learning from experts.

Karen foo is Ranked #1 in Singapore Nationwide Forex Trading Contest.
Kathyn lien is an internationally published author of books about trading, including the bestselling Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market (Wiley). She also appears regularly on CNBC and Sky Business.

1.) Karen foo Beginner’s Course To Becoming A Top Trader

4. Commonly Used Indicators SMA , EMA and Support _ Resistance

2.) Master Forex Fundamentals by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg

1 ABCs of Forex Fundamentals
2. How to Predict Economic Data Better than Wall St Pros
3. How to Trade USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
4. How to Trade AUD, NZD, CAD
5. Turn Technical Indicators Into Trading Strategies
6. How Would Warren Buffett Trade Forex?
7. Battle Tested Swing Trading Strategies
8. Battle Tested Day Trading Strategies
9. MT4 Configurations For Day Trading Strategies
10. How to Put Together a Logical Trading Plan

3.) Beat The Market Maker Trading System

1. How to identify the highs and lows of the day
2. Which times to avoid trading at all cost
3. The best times and sessions to trade
4. How to identify the clues that will clearly show you the Market Makers are about to strike
5. How to predict the Market Makers next moves can save your account from being completely wiped out
6. The closely guarded secrets that The Market Makers hope you never find out.
7. How to spot The Market Maker cycles and which direction the market is going to turn
8. Preliminary Training
9. Discovery
10. Identifying Market Maker Behavior In Real Market Conditions
11. Using Common Indicators to Recognize Market Maker Behavior
12. Putting It All Together & Key Set-ups

Contact us

HotEAforex has several teams that are ready to help member for the smooth use of our ea in forex market. If you want information or experience obstacles, please contact us at here or you can chat with me in our site , so we understand and can help constraints facing.

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Frequently asked questions

You first join in and get download file after done processing.

Our EA can work with 100 $ capital in standard account with single open, but we set minimum deposit is $ 500 to get HotEAforex.

Yes you can, for the smoothness of HotEAforex then still must be monitored by the team about the performance of EA.

No need experience for use full Automated, our team always ready to help member. It’s mostly plug and play with only a few clicks of the mouse needed. but if you want to semiautomatic from HotEAforex You must need experience better.

Yes you certainly can start with a demo account before using full hoteaforex.

Our EA trades only on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platform which is provided free by most Forex brokers. For futures updated can work in JForex, CTrader, NinjaTrader.

Yes. you must need VPS , A VPS is a virtual computer that lets you run HotEA on your Forex account. If use semiAutomatic you can use Your computer but need experience better to trade semi automatic

Our EAs work in full automatic and semi-automatic, each ea works at different hours, and adjusts market volatility.